Blogger talks of book that inspired alleged terror (AP) – 1265th Edition

5 11 2011

A police officer looks on as a van carrying four men accused in a terror plot leaves a federal courtroom in Gainesville, Ga., Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011. The four suspected militia members allegedly boasted of a 'bucket list' of government officials who needed to be 'taken out'; talked about scattering ricin from a plane or a car speeding down a highway past major U.S. cities; and scouted IRS and ATF offices, with one man saying, 'We'd have to blow the whole building like Timothy McVeigh.' (AP Photo/John Bazemore)AP – On his website, militia leader-turned-blogger Mike Vanderboegh writes about fed-up Americans responding to government violence with guns and grenades. It’s an attempt to warn the government that people are armed and angry, he says, just like last year when he urged those upset with President Barack Obama’s health care plan to toss bricks at Democratic Party offices.

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