Clinton urges reform in post-revolt Egypt, Tunisia (AP) – 336th Edition

14 03 2011

Pro-Gadhafi fighters raise their weapons as they are pictured during a government-organized visit for foreign media in Bin Jawwad, 350 miles (560 kilometers) southeast of the capital Tripoli, in Libya Saturday, March 12, 2011. The world moved a step closer to a decision on imposing a no-fly zone over Libya but Moammar Gadhafi was swiftly advancing Saturday on the poorly equipped and loosely organized rebels who have seized much of the country. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)AP – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s trip to the turbulent Middle East highlights the Obama administration’s deep concern over developments in Libya and fear that the unrest roiling the Arab world may not produce the changes demanded by increasingly vocal and emboldened anti-government protesters.

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