Israel’s Netanyahu: 1967 borders can’t be defended (AP) – 1562th Edition

19 05 2011

A Palestinian watches the speech of US President Barack Obama on television at a store in Gaza City, Thursday, May 19, 2011. Trying to advance debate in the explosive Middle East, President Barack Obama on Thursday endorsed a key Palestinian demand for the borders of its future state and prodded Israel to accept that it can never have a truly peaceful nation that is based on 'permanent occupation.' Obama's urging that a Palestinian state be based on 1967 borders - those that existed before the Six Day War in which Israel occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza - was a significant shift in U.S. policy and seemed certain to anger Israel. (AP Photo /Adel Hana)AP – Israel’s prime minister on Thursday gave a cool reception to President Barack Obama’s Mideast policy speech, warning a withdrawal from the West Bank wold leave Israel vulnerable to attack and setting up what could be a tense meeting at the White House.

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