Obama directs $25M non-lethal aid to Libyan rebels (AP) – 1136th Edition

27 04 2011

FILE - In this 1970 file photo, Moammar Gadhafi is shown at the Cairo Airport in Cairo, Egypt. Gadhafi was many things over many years: a dashing icon of Libyan revolution, a brazen patron of terrorists, the custodian of vast oil wealth, a dictator whose flamboyance masked grit and guile, and a longtime pariah on the road to rehabilitation in the West. From his cadre of female bodyguards to his penchant for pitching a tent on foreign visits, he was an object of fascination, ridicule and revulsion. Now, in perhaps his final reinvention, Gadhafi is an apocalyptic figure, the dispenser of terrible bloodshed who seeks to keep power four decades after he ousted King Idris in a coup when he was an army captain. (AP Photo, File)AP – President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of up to $25 million in surplus government goods to support Libyan opposition groups and protect civilians threatened by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.

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